VISION: #1. To own a media company

One of my vision is to own and operate a media company. The reason is simple. I want my voice to be heard. I discovered I can contribute my quota towards increasing knowledge through media. Today, this vision is becoming a reality. I co-own a media company. I am very optimistic that It will grow. I am working very smart to ensure it succeeds. Media company is very tasking, but by putting in the required input, the output is mind blowing. Let me show you how it all started and were we are going.  Continue reading


I Love to read. I am highly motivated when I study.


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[Read and get rich] What book did you read last month? What title are you reading right now? Books contain wealth of resources – (sometimes) mind blowing ideas, knowledge and resources you need for life and business. For every challenge you could ever be facing, there is the answer in a book somewhere in the world. Why? Because nothing is new on earth; your situation may have been faced by someone else and documented in a book so that others can learn and not repeat the same mistakes. But will you find that book that stores the answers to your questions? That is the big question. Ride with me, let me explain how books have the money and the answers that you are looking for.

Let me define what I mean by book. Book here means a written, printed and published pages of information contained in any format. Book here…

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